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Oct 6, 2012 8:00pm PDT
that and it's lowered administrative costs and therefore a better deal. he said that romney's idea of premium support helping people buy insurance in the private marketplace, all economists agree the premium support will cause medicare to collapse. >> now that's an arguable point and i think that romney is going to engage him on those issues and try to continue to make the case for private sector health insurance. >> what i found interesting about this exchange is remember, obamacare was supposed to be romney's achilles heel throughout the primaries, his rivals said he wouldn't be able to challenge on that, and i think he proved a lot of people wrong. >> he pushed right through that and went on offense. >> and it's an example of his effort to reach across the aisle. >> bipartisanship, that's interesting. >> paul: let's look at an ad, a question how the democrats and obama is going to respond. the ad they rolled out after the debate. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> i'm not in favor of a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. that's not my plan. >> the nan partisan tax policies concluded
FOX Business
Oct 6, 2012 8:00pm EDT
.4 #% unemployment. >> romney pounded biden for stating the administration's goal yesterday of a trillion dollar tax hike on those earning more than 200,000 or $250,000. >> they have been squeezed and buried. >> he did not talk about the 47% who don't pay income taxes expect a handout. he renounced the statement last night once and for all. >> completely wrong, and i absolutely believe my life has shown i care about 100%. >> they hope the remarks put the matter behind him, but to prevent that, democrats spent today announcing new talking points to keep it alive. lou? lou: thank you very much. carl cameron, chief political correspondent. joining us for more on this final month before the election and what changed since the debate, carl rove joins us, the head of the american cross roads, former adviser to president bush. good to have you here. start with, first of all, that pempsz. you and i have not had the chance to talk since then. governor romney was simply dominating. >> yeah. just from the opening bell to the final wimper. he was in charge. who was that guy? he was funny. he was aggressive. he
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
administration, what mitt romney and paul ryan want to do is take us back to that exact same failed economic theory, talk down tax cut, eviscerating the investments we know we need to grow our economy from the middle out rather than from the top down. look, i know vice president biden, i know he's looking forward to having a spirited exchange about ideas. i simply hope this, i hope what paul ryan does is something fundamentally different than what mitt romney does and that can i hope he comes with just a modicum of truth and willing to defend their policies rather than to admit somehow they don't exi exist. >> finally will we see a different game from president obama in the next debate? >> i think now that barack obama has had the opportunity to meet both mitt romneys, i don't doubt that he'll make some adjustments. i know he's looking forward to the next debate. >> robert gibbs, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> george, thanks for having me. >> let's hear from the romney campaign. ed gillespie joining us this important. ed, thanks for getting up this morning. you heard robert
Oct 7, 2012 11:00am PDT
's why romney talks about okaying the keystone pipeline. romney has two other advantages. >> reagan approved more things that any administration has, ever. >> finish your point and then we'll take a break. >> romney now has two great advantages that reagan had. the first is, there are real substantive differences in the two approaches. the second is, every time they run a truly vicious ad and then you see romney in the debate. he's not the person they ran the ad about. it's what happened to reagan in 1980. >> we'll come back and hear more from robert gibbs responding. we'll previewed debate between the vice president and paul ryan and hear from arnold schwarzenegger as well. we'll come back after this. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. >> >>> we're thinking ahead at the vice president showed down, vice president biden, paul ryan, the weekly stand
FOX Business
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
if the administration believes by raising taxes we can get ourselves into solvency, he is simply incorrect. mitt romney talking about the tax issues how to back out of this situation was awesome. >> i don't know if they believe this helps economically with us verses them redressing the wrongs for those who benefited the most until four years ago. >> we have seen this obama's touting the buffer role with the minimum tax for millionaires that is one-tenth of the spending how will that six anything he has already created? it is the rhetoric joe biden maybe consistent of tax hikes but 1 trillion is tame for what they have proposed. simpson bowles was a $5 trillion tax hike 1 trillion is less than they want to see. charles: i don't know what comes next. by embracing. >> next week neil cavuto is live with the vice presidential debate 8:00 p.m. eastern. dear lohan a behind bars for protesting the keystone pipeline but now out of jail and here to explain. a high school girl bullied for wearing the mitt romney t-shirt. follow the wings. hahahaha! hooohooo, hahaha! this is awesome! folks who save hundreds of dol
FOX Business
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the administration was the main here is what one administration official had to say. >> plenty of people have pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. if he was talking he was -- if he was speaking he was lying. gerri: to me this is beyond the pale. you collier upon a lot of things, but calling him a liar seems way too much. >> you can say it takes one to no one in this case, but i do think it is very and presidential, and that is the danger for president obama, coming out of this debate because he failed, particularly because the left is so disappointed and in despair over his behavior, he has now to call on the left town. so the way to do that, of course, is to attack chronic mccollum a liar, do all kinds of things. the problem with that strategy is while it might energize the left to make the turn of the independence to he is going to need calming down the stretch. this is the time of the race when they are aiming for the general election, not the primary based in the city has to still rev up the primary. gerri: a long way to go. the tone and tenor of the campaign changing with j
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 12:00am PDT
is a clear vulner for the president and administration did not protect our people and they try to spin their way out of failure. you can see some of that. romney has a speech on monday on foreign policy and i think rhine roin will follow up. >> jake? >> i think it is libya and congressional hearings coming out next week and the governor will speak on monday. there is it a lot of foreign policy and a lot of things that are coming out between now and the debate on libya and the cover yup what is going on >> alice? >> i agree economy is ryan's strength and foreign policy. it is critical he's able to point out the obama administration believed that strength is a vulnerability as opposed to a weakness. he need toz point that out and we can succeed with strength and everything that happened with libya and inability to come to the truth of it was a terror attack. ryan needs to highlight that and that will resonate with the people. >> we'll an analyze it income week. nit picking but we analyze it i think paul ryan will have a great night. but i think we underestimate joe bide by. the pressure
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 3:00am PDT
. >> the obama administration hammering the romney campaign about tax loopholes and deductions. back and forth on specifics. >> absolutely. lots of people expressed skepticism about that unemployment number coming down to 7.8, or at least confusion. how could employers have said they hired 114,000 people whereas americans said 873,000 said they got new jobs. governor huckabee came on our show yesterday and talked about americans don't want to crunch the numbers. that isn't where their minds are. they're on their wallets and if food is more expensive. in 2009, a gallon of gas was $1.84. today on average, and it's higher in many places than this average of $3.84. in california, number $6. gas station owners are getting a run on, meaning people are running up and filling their tanks, worried it's going to be higher. governor huckabee said people vote on things that are tangible to them and how their neighbors respond to things and gas prices. >> they look at gas prices. when they squeeze the handle on the pump, they know they're paying nearly 4 and 5 bucks a gallon. when they get a paycheck, they
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. >> keep in mind this deprives the romney campaign of a major talking point. it's been a continuing refrain from the romney campaign that that unemployment rate had been above 8% for better part of the administration, they he can't say that anymore, it's a volatile number. only one more unemployment number to come out. released friday, november 2nd, four days before the election, a lot of people are going to be watching for that one, harris. >> and then going to the poles, doug. good to see you, thank you very much. let's push in deeper. while the national unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, the economy added only 114,000 jobs, and that's still very far short of where hiring should be for a healthy economy. and we find the numbers are far more bleak for some particular groups. molly henneberg, takes a look at this part of the story from washington. >> three of president obama's most loyal voting blocks in the 2008 election are struggling in the current economy. remember, september's national unemployment rate is 7.8%, and breaking that down by demographics, african-americans, 13.4% unemployed.
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am PDT
from the bush administration and as well as the clinton administration, their asis says when it comes to mitt romney's and paul ryan's budget plan, it would cost $2,000 to pay for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, it turns medicare into a voucher system. that's one thing that mitt romney was honest about. he said that we should cut medicare benefits. embrace that and proposed it. and then to add insult to injury said, yeah, we won't be able to have medicare to continue to be a guarantee, we will have to shred that safety net to preserve it. barack obama's plan has proven we can add years of solvency, 8 years by making sure we reduce wasteful subsidies to medicare insurance companies and add years of solvency. we need to work together to continue to move forward, not have republicans rooting for failure and really transparently being disappointed that we have made progress. we have a ways to go, but we need to continue to move forward and fight for the middle class, not for the people who are doing really, really well and make sure they can do even better. >> shannon: you b
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 10:00pm PDT
with that. that's what they do. and so, you have higher administrative costs, plus profit, on top of that. and if you are going to save any money through what governor romney's proposing, what has to happen is that the money has to come from somewhere. and when you move to a voucher system, you are putting seniors at the mercy of those insurance companies. and over time ftraditional medicare has decayed or fallen apart, then they're stuck. and this is at this time reason why aarp has said that your plan would weaken medicare, substantially. and that's why they were supportive of the approach that we took. one last point i want to make, we do have to lower the cost of health care. not just in medicare -- >> jim: we'll talk about that in a minute. >> but overall. >> jim: okay. >> that's a big topic. [overlapping dialogue] >> jim: i want to get to it. very quickly -- >> let's get back to medicare -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the president said the government can provide the service at lower cost. if that's the case it will be the best product people can purchase -- >> jim: wait a minute, gov
Oct 6, 2012 7:00pm PDT
an economic recovery that's been a difficult one. the administration says that as well. this was a great jobs report for the president. it broke down past that 8% mark that mitt romney's been hitting so hard in this campaign. >> you can imagine -- >> this is a great day for the president. >> you can imagine the white house and probably the campaign in chicago doing somersaults. does this make people now say, what debate? by most people's accounts, the president was awful, horrible. that's what everyone says, even ardent obama supporters. does this cancel out his performance, what debate, the jobs are getting better? >> americans have very short memories. i don't think their memories are quite that short. this debate was only a few days ago. we have two more presidential debates to come and a vp debate next week. no, i do not think it erases the debate. but it helps counter that narrative. the emerging narrative after the debate was one of mitt romney picking up momentum, a race that the president seemed to be somewhat pulling ahead, maybe even pulling away in a couple of key swing states, now
Oct 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
and the administration had something positive to say. they had a weird conversation about schools where mitt romney said i like great schools. >> great teachers. >> yeah. i would add to that. that's very important. labels matter. i'm not sure if there's an official name but you are talking the general problem, the mismatch between what passes as a basic education and a middle class existence. it's a huge problem. maybe 30 or 40 years ago, it was a euphemism. now it's a problem. the television show, "breaking bad." >> no one talked about "breaking bad." >> then they could have talked about the "jeffersons." we have a group of people going to high school and coming out unemployab unemployable. it's a huge problem for the nation. it's no longer anything local. i would like that talked about. it's about education and job preparation. community college is huge and barack obama said a little something about it. it was easy to miss it. i missed that in this debate. anthropologists would have been shocked it was so much about taxes. taxes are interesting but there's more. >> the tax debate has gotten very, very
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 4:00am EDT
administration has done something for the american people in the last three and a half years? >> judge, i would love to take that question. first of all, let me say that governor romney was pumped the other night, we understand that. he buried himself in facts. he wanted to overcome some very dark days that he had. i remember words always will are ring clear that you are not entitled to food, healthcare or education or going over to one of our greatest allies and. >> judge jeanine: you do not believe that you are not entitled to healthcare. the guy did massachusetts healthcare, what are you talking about? >> judge, judge, when you are in the dark of night and there are to cameras and you say what you believe people in america do not deserve healthcare, food or education so as it relates to the president as it relates to the president, judge. >> judge jeanine: this is a man who said that with 87% of the opposing party in the state of massachusetts he got healthcare has passed, how can you sit here and tell me -- >> but the democrats in the state of massachusetts were prepared to compromise and w
Oct 7, 2012 5:00am EDT
of the officers shot and missed the suspect who ran but was later arrested. the two officers are on administrative leave. >> less than a month until voters go to the polls, bringing this presidential campaign season to an end. and between mitt romney's strong debate performance and a slight drop in the unemployment numbers, there have been some game changing twists this week and peter alexander has the latest from the campaign trail. >> after a week that re-energized republicans and reinvigorated the race, president obama is trying to blunt mitt romney's momentum, embracing the unemployment news. >> more americans are entering the work force, more americans are getting jobs. >> but romney hasn't ceded ground, last night attacking the president for what he calls failed policy that is stifle growth. >> the participation of our adults in the workforce were the same at the time he was elected, our unemployment rate would be 11%. >> $181 million funds raised by the obama in september. with romney collecting more than $12 million following the debate. >> both sides will have a tremendous amount of money
Oct 7, 2012 10:30am EDT
have higher administrative costs plus profit on top of that. if you were going to save any money to what governor romney is proposing, what has to happen is that the money has to come from somewhere. when you move to a voucher system, you are putting seniors at the mercy of those insurance companies. over time, if traditional medicare has decayed, they are stuck. this is why aarp has said your plan would begin medicare substantially. that is why they were supportive of the approach we took. we do have to lower the cost of health care. >> we will talk about that in a minute. >> overall. >> that is a big topic. >> let's get back to medicare. if that is the case, it will always be the best part people can purchase. the private sector is typically able to provide a better product at a lower cost. >> can you agree that voters have a choice on medicare and? >> absolutely. >> to finish on the economy, what is your view about the level of federal regulation of the economy right now? is there too much? mr. president, should there be more? this is a two-minute segment to start. >> regulati
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)